Najbardziej wstrząsający film wszech czasów?

Tak się zastanawiam od kilkunastu minut oglądać czy nie oglądać, ale…

…chyba sobie odpuszczę.

…Vukmir shows Miloš another one of his projects: a film of a man helping a woman give birth to a baby girl; the man then proceeds to rape the newborn in what the director calls „newborn porn”…

A przy okazji odświeżam „Banned Movies” wszak:

Once again, the British censors have made it clear that they believe not just children but adults too should be told what they can and cannot watch. Srdjan Spasojevic’s now notorious A Serbian Film was pulled from Film4 FrightFest at the weekend after the BBFC and Westminster Council demanded 3 minutes and 48 seconds of cuts. Our self-appointed guardians have kindly protected us from images that we may find disturbing. This infantilisation of the British public is shocking.

Podziel się tym artykułem:


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