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As you’ve recently shown an interest in humour books, you might like to know about the following savings. See more savings in Humour.

– Simon’s Cat: Beyond the Fence

Simon Tofield returns with a charming follow-up which sees the adorable but incorrigible cat embark on a series of adventures beyond the garden fence. Sharply observed and beautifully drawn, this new book promises to be an even bigger hit than the first.

– An Idiot Abroad: The Travel Diaries of Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington isn’t keen on travelling. Given the choice, he’ll go on holiday to Devon or Wales or, at a push, eat English food on a package holiday in Majorca. Which isn’t exactly Michael Palin, is it? So what happened when he was convinced by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant to go on an epic adventure to see the Seven Wonders of the World? Travel broadens the mind, right? You’d think so…Find out in Karl Pilkington’s hilarious travel diaries.

– Life and Laughing: My Story

Michael McIntyre has become Britain’s biggest comedy star. His debut stand-up DVD was the fastest selling of all time, only to be eclipsed by his second that sold over 1.4 million copies and was the 2009 Christmas number one. But how did he get there?

– Chin Up, Britain

Chin up, Britain! Now is the time to return to basic commonsense and embrace a new austerity. Can’t afford a holiday? Slather on some sun tan lotion that smells of coconuts, at least you’ll smell like you’re on holiday. Don’t know what to do with a left-over half a banana? Discard it surreptitiously on the floor of a government-owned building, ‘accidentally’ slip on it and claim thousands of pounds of compensation. Can’t afford new shoes? Polish your old ones. And if all else fails, why not sell your children on ebay?

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Wszystko fajnie. Szkopuł w tym, że ja takimi humour booksami się u nich ostatnio interesowałem:

– DVD Delirium Volume 4: The International Guide to Weird and Wonderful Films on DVD and Blu-ray

DVD Delirium is the world’s only A-to-Z guide specially designed for collectors of cult, horror, exploitation, arthouse, erotic, thriller, action, foreign language, and just plain weird movies.

– Eaten Alive!: Italian Cannibal and Zombie Movies

With an introduction explaining the origins of this gruesome genre, „Eaten Alive!” charts every bloody step, from the renowned Pasolini, who employed cannibalism as a satirical metaphor, to shocking „documentaries” such as „Cannibal Holocaust”, an acknowledged influence on „The Blair Witch Project”.

– Cinema Sewer

The Adults Only Guide to History’s Sickest and Sexiest Movies! Cinema Sewer is an ode to the seamier side of film and the culture which surrounds it.

– Sleazoid Express: A Mind-twisting Tour Through the Grindhouse Cinema of Times Square

Square In a bygone era, when Times Square was crammed with adult bookstores and drug pushers, moviegoers flocked to the grindhouses on 42nd Street. Those theatres are now gone, but the films remain, and here the legendary underground film magazine offers this jaw-dropping guide to the grindhouse scene.

– Genocide: My Stolen Rwanda: Surviving the Rwandan Genocide

„An extraordinarily powerful, moving and humbling book. Genocide: My Stolen Rwanda should be required reading for every diplomat, journalist, aid worker and UN official dealing with Africa.” –Adam LeBor, author of Complicity with Evil: The United Nations in the Age of Modern Genocide.


No chyba, że oni tak na przekór, co bym zobaczył, że jest też inny świat… 😉


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